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NAIS Minor Program Overview

Native American and Indigenous Studies

The Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) minor is a program designed for students who are eager to engage with the priorities, histories, lifeways, and artistic or cultural practices related to Native American and Indigenous communities. The curriculum, firmly rooted in Indigenous methodologies, ethics, and theoretical perspectives, builds upon the contributions of key NAIS scholars. This interdisciplinary
minor necessitates the completion of six courses that highlight the social and natural worlds, creative expression, and global Indigeneity. Through disciplines such as history, anthropology, literature, global health, learning sciences, and environmental studies, the program fosters a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous identities, underlining their political dynamics, cultural innovations, and global interconnectedness.

Key topics like sovereignty, self-determination, and resistance are integral components of the coursework. This emphasis on Indigenous epistemologies enhances students' understanding of their pivotal roles in societal formation, both within and beyond U.S. borders.

The NAIS minor not only sharpens investigative, analytical, and critical skills but also fuels intellectual creativity, empowering students to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. It readies them for a diverse array
of careers in law, education, social work, health, or public policy, while enriching their insight into the complex issues Indigenous communities encounter.

For any questions or inquiries, the director of the minor can be reached through the contact information available on the NAIS Minor webpage 


Program of Study

Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor

  • See the updated (2023-24) NAIS Minor requirements on the CNAIR NAIS Minor webpage 

NAIS Advising and Declaring Minor

  • See who is the NAIS Advisor and view their contact information & drop-in office hours schedule. Contact the advisor to learn more about declaring the minor : Professor Doug Kiel 
  • See the NAIS Minor in Northwestern Academic Catalog 
  • See the past and future courses eligible for the minor