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Minor Requirements in Native American and Indigenous Studies

The minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) is designed for the student who is interested in understanding the identities and experiences, cultural practices, and lifeways of Native American and Indigenous people. It requires six courses from across a variety of departments and includes explorations of creative expression, the social and natural worlds, and indigeneity within a global context. Individual classes may focus on Native literature, traditional ecological knowledge, tribal sovereignty and other topics.

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The minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) requires six courses from across a variety of departments. Courses reflect the four scholarly directions:

  1. Creative Expression: Literature, dance, music, art, theater, and ceremony.
  2. Social Worlds: History, anthropology, journalism, sociology, law, education, policy, and media.
  3. Natural Worlds: Science, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental psychology, political science, health, and medicine.
  4. Global Indigeneity: Intercultural, transnational, Latinx studies, and Pacific Islands Studies.

The following course numbers are approved for the minor.  To find yearly course offerings and schedules for specific quarters, please consult the Courses page.  All courses on the annual schedule count for the NAIS minor.  Alternatives and exceptions must be approved by the NAIS minor coordinator.

Minor Requirements (6 Units)

1. Select one foundational course:
2. Select two courses from Creative Expressions or Social Worlds:

Creative Expression 

Social Worlds 
  • ANTHRO 390-0 Topics In Anthropology (Indigenous Nations and Anthropology)
  • GBL_HLTH 390-0  Special Topics in Global Health (Native American Health Research and Prevention OR Native Nations, Healthcare Systems, and U.S. Policy)
  • HISTORY 300-0 New Lectures in History (Native Nations and the US Legal System
  • LRN_SCI 351-0 Topics in Learning Sciences (Design of Just and Sustainable Learning Environments )

3. Select two courses from Natural Worlds or Global Indigeneity:

Natural Worlds 

Global Indigeneity 

**This course can fulfill either the Creative Expressions or Global Indigeneity requirement

4.  Select One Advanced Level Elective

One course elective at an advanced level (from any of NAIS’s four scholarly directions), independent study, or capstone project in a contributing department or program (identified above) and approved by the CNAIR curriculum committee.

Other courses 


Advising & Declaring a NAIS Minor


Minor Advising