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NAIS Cluster

The NAIS Graduate Cluster is an interdisciplinary space for exchange, research and study that seeks to provide support for graduate students working in or adjacent to Native American and Indigenous Studies.  Through the cluster, faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students come together for intellectual exchange, cross-pollination, and activism.  Cluster members come from the departments of Art History, English,  Learning Sciences, History, Psychology, and Sociology.  We meet several times per quarter to discuss cluster members’ research and engage with guest speakers.  

The NAIS Cluster aims to create opportunities and training in NAIS for our students through our invited speakers, yearly themes, professionalization workshops, mentoring and symposia. Past cluster speakers include Hi’ilei Hobart (UT-Austin), on going on the job market in NAIS; Elizabeth Hoover (Brown), speaking on her book The River is in Us: Fighting Toxics in a Mohawk Community; Christine DeLucia (History, Williams College), on place-based, collaborative research; and Chad Allen (U of Washington, past editor of Studies in American Indian Literature) and Jean M. O’Brien (U of Minnesota, past editor of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Journal), both on publishing.

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