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Supporting Research

CNAIR offers is growing our research resources to our affiliated faculty and students. Below you will find ways that CNAIR is currently supporting research that centers Native and Indigenous communities. 

RESEARCH Fellowships

Each year, CNAIR offers funding to support research projects and scholarship. This research funding can support faculty and students by assisting with course buyout, stipends, or research funds. To learn more please see our fellowship page for the most up to date information.  (LINK COMING SOON)

Administrative Support

CNAIR's team, located at 515 Clark seeks to support interdisciplinary projects that pertain to Native and Indigenous communities. Our unique administrative functions include managing relationships between faculty at Northwestern University and Tribal Nations, Indigenous communities, and Native and Indigenous community organizations. We work closely with faculty from the beginning of a project, during the proposal stage and throughout the project to ensure sustainable, trustworthy, and reciprocal relationships throughout the research. We also work to assist faculty who are experiencing adminsitrative challenges with purchasing, funding, or IRB to ensure that they are able to conduct their research in a way that serves the communities they are working with. 

Communications Support

We seek to promote and highlight the research and scholarship that comes from those in the CNAIR community. We promote significant stories, publications, and media to share the work widely to the Native and Indigenous community, Northwestern community, scholars, and the public. We do this through our extensive network of relationships within the local Chicago Native community, Tribal Nations in the midwest, and Native and Indigenous communitites globally.  If you are a CNAIR affiliate, please be sure to share accomplishments or publications with our team so we can share through the following: 1) publications 2) events 3) social media and listservs 4) annual report 5) website updates 


CNAIR HOUSE Reservations

CNAIR offers an Indigenous centered workspace for collaborating on projects or hosting Indigenous scholars and guests. We also have the capacity to host events using the house and the outdoor space adjacent to the house. The "CNAIR House" must be reserved in advance for events or meetings. For nore information, or to reserve a room please contact our program assistant, Michaela Marchi at



We offer a CNAIR Affiliate network for affiliates to meet with each other, learn about new research and opportunities, and build relationships. Our CNAIR network has led to wonderful collaborations! If you are a faculty, staff, or student interested in affiliating with CNAIR please contact


We have a growing collection of Native and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) books in the CNAIR library, located on the 2nd floor of the CNAIR house.