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Native American and Indigenous Studies, Cultural Resource Management, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Law and Policy, Ethnohistory, Literature, History, Journalism, Sociology, Environmental Policy and Politics, Food Studies, Political Science, Critical Race Studies



Course Highlight

Native American Environmental Issues and the Media (JOUR367)

Native American Environmental Issues and the Media is a 10-week course taught by Professor Patty Loew that introduces students to Native American environmental issues, such as treaty-based hunting, fishing, and gathering rights; air and water quality issues; mining; pipelines; and sacred sites. The class focuses on how the media cover these issues and how that coverage contributes to the formation of public opinion and public policy.

Below are links to a few of the final projects from the fall 2020 class. These projects explore a variety of topics that fall within the context of Native American environmental issues and the media, playing to the student's strengths as journalists.

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