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Winter 2022 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 390-0-28Nationalism and Archaeology in the AmericasMW2:00PM-3:20PMEvanstonParkes Hall 223Roberto Rosado Ramirez
ENVR_POL 390-0 - 23 Maple Syrup and Climate ChangeF 11:00AM-1:50PMEvanstonLocy Hall 213Eli Suzukovich III
ENVR_POL 390-0 - 24 Political Research Seminar: Science and Knowledge in Global Climate GovernanceTh2:00PM - 4:50PMEvanstonScott Hall 107 Burdick RoomKimberly Marion Suiseeya
ENVR_POL 390-0-27 LEC/ AMER_ST 310-0-30 SEM/ HUM 325-4-20 SEMParks and Pipeline: Indigenous Environmental JusticeTuTh11:00AM - 12:20PMEvanstonShepard Hall B08/B09Joseph Whitson
GBL_HLTH 390-0-22Special Topics in Global Health: Native Nations, Healthcare Systems, and U.S. PolicyMW 12:30PM - 1:50PMEvanstonUniversity Hall 112Beatriz Reyes
HIST 300-0-22Native America: American Indian History to 1763MW12:30PM - 1:50PMEvanstonKresge 2415Michaela Kleber