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Spring 2022 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 389-0-20Ethnographic Methods and AnalysisMary WeismantelMoWe  11:00AM-12:20PM
ART_HIST 390-0-3 / HUM 370-6-10Who is an Object?: Ancestors, Gods and IntermediariesRisa PuleoWe  2:00PM-4:50PM
ENVR_POL 390-0-26Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture: Environmental Justice in Black & Indigenous W.LitSara CerneTuTh  12:30PM-1:50PM
HIST 102-6-22First Year Seminar: Native Americans in FilmDoug KielTuTh  3:30PM-4:50PM
HIST 393-0-20 Indigenous Health and HealingTess LanzarottaTuTh  12:30PM-1:50PM
JOUR 367-0-20Native American Environmental Issues and the MediaReynaldo Morales CardenasMoFr  10:00AM-11:50AM
SPANISH 340-0-1Colonial Latin American LiteratureCaroline EganTuTh  11:00AM-12:20PM