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Fall Quarter 2018

ANTH 390-0-29/LATIN_AM 391-0-20Pop Culture in Latin AmericaNell HaynesM  2-5
ANTH 390-2-28Language & SexualityNell HaynesMW  11-12:20
ANTHRO 390-0/ENVR-POL 390-0Land, Identity, and the Sacred: American Indian Religious and Sacred SitesEli SuzukovichMW   2-3:30
ENVR_POL 390-0/POLI_SCI 329Maple Syrup and Climate ChangeKim SuiseeyaMW   11-12:20
GBL-HLTH 390-0Native American HealthBeatriz ReyesTTH   12:30-1:50
HUM 210-0Introduction to International Development: Issues and PracticeDoug Kiel, Laura León Llerena, and Mary WeismanteMW  3:30-4:50
HUM 370 ASAM 303-AFAM 380Race and Indigeneity in the PacificHi’i Hobart and Nitasha Sharma 
Jour 390-0Media History and the Native American ExperiencePatty LoewTTh   10:30-12:20
POLI_SCI 101-6First-Year Seminar: Global Environmental PoliticsKim SuiseeyaMW  2-3:30
SOCIOL 345-0Class and CultureBeth Red BirdMW  2-3:20
SPANPORT 570-0Teaching Assistantship and MethodologiesLaura León LlerenaTBA  TBA