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CNAIR fellow and staff part of team awarded funding for project on environmental challenges

November 19, 2019

CNAIR fellow Kim Suiseeya, co-director Patty Loew, and associate director for outreach and engagement Pamala Silas are part of a multidisciplinary team selected by the Buffett Idea Incubation Workshop judges for funding of a 2-year pilot for our project titled “Disproportionate Effects of Environmental Challenges.”  Suiseeya is one of the project leaders, and plans for the project to co-develop transdisciplinary research with frontline environmental justice communities, including Indigenous Peoples, to identify and solve challenges emerging from environmental change. This includes adaptation to environmental change but also understanding how solutions to environmental change may exacerbate the injustices these communities face. In the next few months, the team will work to further refine our scope and continue to build their team.