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Colloquium on Indigeneity and Native American Studies

The Colloquium on Indigeneity and Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic endeavor that aims to promote and stimulate conversations on indigeneity and indigenous populations in the Americas and the transnational imaginary at Northwestern University.

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Teaching Lodge

Through collaboration with the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR), the Center for Engineering Sustainability and Resilience (CESR), Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, and the Native Studies cluster we are able to bring you this multiphase interdisciplinary community-based project that will provide participants a way to authentically learn, engage with, and support making Indigenous peoples and our issues visible and heard. The Teaching Lodge is a multifaceted project that is intended to serve local Native and non-Native communities by centering Native and Indigenous issues via holistic education. This project will serve as a way to build community while enacting our Indigenous knowledges, practices, values, teachings, and sovereignty in a grounded way.

Allen Washinawatok (Menominee Nation) has built a model to demonstrate the shape and structure of the Teaching Lodge.

Teaching Lodge model to demonstrate the shape and structure built by Allen Washinawatok (Menominee Nation)



Construction is postponed until Spring 2022.

Join us for a Teaching Lodge Virtual Gathering on Saturday, February 6th at 11:30am.

Please register here.

This will be the first teaching lodge gathering since February of last year and a time for us to check in and see each other's faces. We will also dream together of ways that we can continue the spirit of the lodge in today's times.


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